"Calling All WGH / HSC Alumni"



Our data base is not growing. Our last HSC graduating class was in 1993 and those graduates need a few more years to produce families, establish a career etc. before we can really ask too much of them.

Recently retired people, or graduates who want to connect or those people who realize what the schools have done for them as well as those people who have benefited from WGH/HSC Scholarships and Bursaries are urgently needed.

Please seriously think about whether you can help us. We need new people with new ideas to help us keep going for at least 20 more years.

Please contact wghhsc.nursingalumni@gmail.com and we will find you a job that is ideally suited for you or call 204.787.1170 and leave a message.

There are 5 meetings a year.

We do need your help to keep this 108 year old association alive and well.


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