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The Archives/Museum Endowment Fund
                 (Major Area of Need)

This Fund, established in 2009 with the Health Sciences Centre Foundation is to help preserve and enhance our nursing heritage as well as the artifacts, stories and history of the Health Sciences Centre. At this point, it is still mainly our collection.

Please note the Foundation manages this account at no cost to us. This is necessary as the Association does not have the financial capacity to build and manage such a Fund.

The goal for the Archives/Museum Endowment Fund is to provide sufficient interest income to support professional archival care for the Archives/Museum in perpetuity. Should the Archives/Museum Collection have to move from HSC space all the Archives/Museum Endowment Fund income will of course go with the Collection. Since this Fund was established by the Executive with the Foundation in 2008 we have raised just over $54,000.

Our archives are a unique and irreplaceable collection of who we were, are, and what we will become. These archives have and continue to play an essential role in the development of nursing culture in Manitoba. They are vital in establishing individual and collective nursing memory, an understanding of the past, as well as for documenting the present and guiding future actions. We have a collective responsibility to preserve, maintain, manage, and share this knowledge.

Commencing with the Fund’s inception, Reunion Classes have challenged each other to make generous class donations. Of course, individual donations can be made and some of your Classmates or even yourself may consider making an individual donation at this special time. Another thought is to make an annual donation or plan gift giving through your Will or Estate.

The ideal way to support the Archives/Museum is to send your donation to the "Archives/Museum Endowment Fund" at the HSCF. Your donation can be made in memory of a person, event, class, etc.

Send your Donation to:

Health Sciences Centre Foundation (HSCF)
“Archives/Museum Endowment Fund”
MS107 - 820 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 9Z9

Make your cheque payable to the "Health Sciences Centre Foundation" (HSCF)

The Foundation will ensure your donation goes to the Endowed Fund if you write on your cheque “For Archives/Museum"

Donations can also be made by calling the HSCF @ 204.787.2022

Donations can also be made online at

A charitable tax receipt will be issued to you from the Foundation.

Donation of Memorabilia

The Nurses’ Alumni Association has been collecting archival material since 1934 in the Archives/Museum. The Archives/Museum is dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of records and artifacts which best document the social and cultural history of the School of Nursing, the Alumni Association, Winnipeg General Hospital and the Health Sciences Centre.

Please contact the Archivist by phone, 204.787.1170 or email at if you would like to donate anything.

As all potential acquisitions offered to the Archives/Museum are assessed to determine if they should be acquired and preserved by the Archives/Museum (this is standard practice for museums).

Jubilee Memorial Fund

The Jubilee Memorial Fund supports the Jubilee Memorial Lecture which is given at every homecoming and provides for a speaker, advertising and audio- visual equipment.
A donation to The Jubilee Memorial Fund may be made in memory of a person, event etc. Excess monies in the Jubilee Memorial account which are not required for the Lecture are transferred to the Endowment Fund.

Send your donation to:

The Nurses Alumni Association WGH /HSC
Jubilee Memorial Fund Treasurer
NA 138 - 700 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB. R3E 0T2.

Make the cheque payable to the"Jubilee Memorial Fund"

A charitable tax receipt will be issued.

General Fund

Donation to the General Funds of the Nurses Alumni Association of the WGH/HSC and your membership fees support the day to day activities of the association, printing, and mailing of the journal/newsletter.

Send your donations and membership fees to:

The Nurses Alumni Association WGH/HSC
NA 138-700 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB. R3E 0T2.

Make the cheque payable to "The Nurses Alumni Assoc. of the WGH/HSC"

A tax deductible receipt cannot be issued for this fund.

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