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The Archives/Museum Collection Endowment Fund

The HSC Archives/Museum and Office of the Nurses Alumni Association of the WGH/HSC School of Nursing is located on the main floor of the Isabel M. Stewart building (The former School of Nursing residence from 1956 – 1972).

The Archive is behind a copper door which was originally the door to an elevator in the previous School of Nursing residence (1907 – 1997). The room was renovated by HSC in 2008 to better preserve the collections of both the Alumni Association and HSC. At the request of the Alumni Association, the room was painted pink to coordinate with the remaining pink carpet, an artifact from the school of nursing reception room.

The Archive room is divided into three sections. The office, in the front of the room, greets visitors and researchers to the Archives/Museum and directs their enquiries.

The middle section is the exhibit area. This area surrounds a table which is used by researchers, the Alumni volunteers and the Alumni Association as a meeting space.

The exhibit area features a built- in display cabinet on one wall which contains many artifacts that have been donated by Alumni over the years including nursing pins, photographs, various bells, Ethel John’s typewriter. Also, in the exhibit area are items related to two World War I nursing sisters, Ruby B. Dickie (1916) and Ada Janet Ross (1905). The uniform and medals of another World War I nursing sister, Alfreda J. Attrill (1909), are also on display in the Archives/Museum. There is one cabinet display devoted solely to the Children hospital artifacts.

On the opposite side of the room are display cases donated by the WGH class of 1967 in memory of Karen Armour (Niven). These cabinets showcase various larger artifacts including basins, foot warmers, pitchers, a few smaller items, a selection of hospital crockery, and cutlery.

The back portion of the room is the Archives storage area where artifacts and documents, not currently on display, pertaining to the history of the Alumni Association and the Health Sciences Centre and its founding members are stored in archivally safe containers.

To preserve the collection and continue to make it accessible to researchers, educators and the general public an Endowed Fund has been established with the Health Sciences Centre Foundation (HSCF).

Donations can be sent to:

          Health Science Centre Foundation (HSCF)
          “Archives/Museum Collection Endowment Fund”
          MS107-820 Sherbrook St.
          Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 9Z9

Make the cheque out to the “HSCF” and please indicate that the donation is for the “Archives/Museum Endowed Fund”.

Donations can also be made online at HSC Archives/Museum Collection Endowment Fund

If you would consider a larger or annual or monthly donation or the donation of securities etc. through your estate please call the Foundation at (204) 787-2022 or 1-(800) 679-8493 to discuss the best way for you. The donation can be made in memory of a person, event etc.

Tax receipts are issued by the Health Sciences Centre Foundation (HSCF).


Donation of Memorabilia

The Nurses’ Alumni Association has been collecting archival material since 1934 in the Archives/Museum. The Archives/Museum is dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of records and artifacts which best document the social and cultural history of the School of Nursing, the Alumni Association, Winnipeg General Hospital and the Health Sciences Centre.

By donating items to the HSC Archives/Museum you will:

The Archives/ Museum would like you to consider donating artifacts and records to us. We are interested in the following items:

Please contact the Archivist by phone (204)787-1170 or by email if you would like to donate anything.

As all potential acquisitions offered to the Archives/Museum are assessed to determine if they should be acquired and preserved by the Archives/Museum (this is standard practice for museums).


Archives/Museum News

More information can be found on the HSC Winnipeg Archives/Museum at HSC Winnipeg Archives/Museum

Descriptions for Isabel M. Stewart, Ruby Dickie, Ada Janet Ross and Alfreda Atrill have been added to a web based archival catalogue called A to M (Health Sciences Centre Archives/Museum)




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